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God Mode T.C.

January 4th, 2003
Score : 4.0 tolerable
Peasant Female
Purpose: The purpose to this file is unclear until you have tried it. You might think it is a complete cheat file, but it is not.

Installation: There are no directions on how to install it. You have to know something about how a D-mod works before you can use it. There are two files. One is a readthisfirst.txt that only says a dialog box will popup when pressing G. The other file is a key_71.c file. You have to copy this file into the story folder of the D-mod you want to use the cheat in. Then, while playing, you have to press G in order to make it work.

Not so good: The title God Mode Cheat does not life up to the expectations. The only thing that is raised is defense. And this is raised to a ridiculous 20.000. That takes ages. You can turn God Mode off, but then the defense will go back to 0. Those are the only two options. And since there are no guidelines on how to install, people who do not know anything about scripts and such might have problems with that.

Overall: There are much better cheat menus. Download The Ultimate Menu Cheat, Dink Smallwood Trainer, or Ultimate Cheat Version 2.0

Fit for: No one.