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Quest for Arithia 2: The Rozarus

December 18th, 2002
Score : 7.2 good
Peasant Female
Storyline: Dink and his friend Ash continue their search (well, actually it is only Dink) for Arithia. It turns out that Potter is Arithia’s father and that the Ice Wizard Hembar has captured Arithia. In Arithia’s possession is something that Hembar wants but he does not know she has it.

Map and graphics: An immense map that is nicely decorated. The bridge is a new graphic.

Music: Mediocre.

Good: You see part of the map from Arithia part 1. In part 1 you could not got to the east (the map from Arithia 2) and in this D-mod you can not go to the west (the map of Arithia 1). It looks like the people in the tavern are actually sitting at tables – they even move. Real good. The end is nice too, since you want to know what is going to happen next, so will you probably play part 3 too.

Not so good: The map is way too big, since there are only a few things to do. You just keep walking enormous distances for actually nothing.

Overall: A nice start, a nice end, but quite a boring in between.

Fit for: If you played part 1, you should play this one too.