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Smile Blood

October 14th, 2002
Score : 7.5 good
Peasant Female
This file changes the graphics for blood into smiley ones.
So when you are fighting with a monster, no blood appears, but smileys instead. Which is a very nice and friendly change to the normal situation. And a funny one too. Monsters bleeding with smileys are hilarious but actually quite unrealistic. It is indeed fun to look at for a while, but it gets boring quite quickly. Perhaps because it is not realistic, or perhaps you want to see a monster bleed for all the effort you put in it fighting it. Not just smileys, but real blood.

You can activate this feature with the * key, and deactivate it with the same key. But, although there is an explanation on how to activate/deactivate and the add-on will install itself with only a couple of mouse clicks, there is no uninstall programme. The only thing to do is what Simeon advises, but I did not know that before I read his review, and perhaps others do not either.

Overall this is indeed a nice add on, but one that should have an uninstall option. And it is an add-on that can get boring quit quickly.