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Spells & Items Pack

July 4th, 2002
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Female
This pack contains 3 usable spells, 1 usable item and 2 spells that don't have scripts yet.

The scripts that are available work fine.
The healing spell (item-hel) files life to maximum. The inferno spell (item-ifn) works a bit like acid rain, but this one has a flaming star first so you can cast it over long distances. It even flies over low hills, but won't fly over the mountains. It is stopped by sprites with hardness. The sound is appropriate although it could have been a bit more energetic.
The judgement day spell (item-jmd) gives a blast and chooses randomly an enemy. Very handy, because all you have to do is keep out of range of the enemies and cast the spell. It also works for enemies placed on top of a mountain and even if the enemy hides behind something this spell gets him. If there are no enemies it will blast in the left upper corner. Only the sound doesn't fit; it sounds like a pig making funny noises.
The Sword of Sader (item-sos) adds 52 to attack.
The attacking spells are very powerful as is the sword.
It is indeed a pitty that there are no new graphics.
I especially like the judgement day spell for its features, although it takes a long time to load. If used in a game this one definitely blows away the enemies. If only for this one, I recommend downloading this pack.
I'm curious what the other two, not yet scripted spells will be like.