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Save & Quit

January 4th, 2003
Score : 6.0 fair
Peasant Female
Purpose: If you have to stop playing a D-mod and do not have any time to get to a savebot, you can use this file, since it lets you save the game and quit to windows at the same time.

Installation: You have to copy the escape.d file to the story folder and overwrite the old one or make a backup of the old escape.d file.

Use: Press escape when playing. The standard popup appears with a new option: ‘save and quit’. You are asked to confirm it, so no errors can occur.

Good: It works fine.

Not so good: There are no guidelines on how to install this file, so you have to know how D-mods work in order to get this installed.
I doubt whether this is really a usefull file: you can always go to a savebot and save and then quit the game. Pressing alt+q does the work even faster then this file.

Overall: You need to know how to install such files because the file itself does not give any explanation, and that might be unhandy for those who just want to play a game or do not know how to install.

Fit for: If you do not have the time to hurry to a savebot and then press escape to quit the game, this might be the answer.