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Monster Madness

Makes all of the enemies in the original game much harder.
Released:September 26th, 1998
File Size:14.80 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
June 9th, 2002
Score : 3.3 tolerable
Peasant Male
What this Add-on basically does is makes the Dink Smallwood difficulty level much higher. I personally think this can already be achieved by editting the en-(enemy) scripts but this add-on can still be used. I personally, If I saw a review on this add-on would not download it, but at the present time nobody has reviewd it, so i did download it. Darn...


Well, basically the purpose of this add-on is to make the enemies much harder to defeat, and it does that, very well. I think that it clearly shows a big change in the difficulty level.


Well, all it does is simply change the difficulty level, and does not do much else. I also think that this can be achieved by editting the Dink C files. This file / addon is really not needed. If you really want to change the difficulty level but do not know how to edit the c files, then download this. Otherwise, get editting!


Total 3.3
Grade D-

End comment "Change the difficulty level by editting the Dink C files, not by using this addon"