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Ultra Sleek Frontend

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Released:August 28th, 2000
File Size:203.18 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
January 23rd, 2003
Score : 1.0 horrible
Peasant Female
This is a front end to run D-mods.

There are no guide lines on how to install or use this file. The only remark is in the readme.txt and it says that you have to open prefs.dat and: '...change the line that says c rogram filesdink smallwood with your Dink Smallwood directory, if it is different. Failure to do so will make the frontend useless.'
Now I am wondering: 'If it is different from what?' I guess different from the directory that you unzipped it in.

Since the programme would not run, I opened prefs.dat and checked that line, and the line was correct. So I moved the unzipped file to that directory, but the programme still would not work. Besides that, it is the authors job to fix a fault in the programme, not the one who wants to use it.

I can not recommend this file, since it does not work.