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Slaughterhouse (The)

So are you Tal or Dinkulum tell me or I will destroy you
Enter the Slaughterhouse where the smell of death surrounds you. Find out the source of evil behind this house of death and decay...
Released:February 26th, 2006
File Size:75.22 KB
Release Notes:v1.1
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August 6th, 2002
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant He/Him
Aah, Dink visits the slaughterhouse, where duckies and piggies get sliced up for meat. Now then, basically the stoyline to this is the fact that Dink somehow ends up in the middle of the entrance of a slaughterhouse with no way to get out. Obviously he has to go in. He goes in and then here's about some evil called HIM. In the end this ends up nothing to do with people processing animals and then eating them as I thought it would, it ends up with everyone obsessed about a duck called HIM. Oooh, woopey-doo-dah. Nothing interesting here, nothing hard. Read the strengths and weaknesses to find out why this romp clearly isn't very good at all...


Has an unusual storyline which is kinda good. It's not your average romp storyline and I like D-MODS that are original. I found there was only one midi in this D-MOD but it was used to it's best possible use. It's basically a doom themed midi, giving you the feeling of death or something like that. Anyway, I really thought that short little title screen was very good. A little thing saying The Slaughterhouse is not good, well, not always. You see the title screen has been shown very well and with really cool graphics. A red blood fiery feeling comes across when you see it, and it's even decorated with some nice little ducks with their heads splattered with blood on the floor. I liked this lots. I also found that for a romp this is extremely fun, much better than your average romp, but it's weaknesses do let it down, you can find out what they are by viewing the weaknesses section of this review, below...


Ends up nothing to do with a slaughterhouse but in the end to do with a duck called HIM. The duck ends up saying that he will kill you but you eventually go up to him and punch him and his head falls off dead. Easy, I hate easy bosses. As I've previously stated there is only one midi in this game which is not good. Other than that the D-MOD is fine, I'll leave it alone now...


I'm sure you can guess

Total 7.0
Grade C (Yeah, good for a romp!)

End Comment "Good short adventure adding another 5 mins to your D-MOD collection"