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June 8th, 2003
Demo 0-2
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant She/Her
Storyline: A computer glitch is destroying Dink’s world. He has to travel to other worlds to save his own. These other worlds are parts of other games. You even see a map of the Elder Scrolls.

Map and graphics: The first part of the map is Stonebrook and surroundings of the original Dink Smallwood. The second part is an iceworld and the third part is another world, Tamriel. Tamriel consists of graphics and tiles from another game. There are some new graphics, as the rats, which are good.

Music: The music is fair.

Good: The evacuation is done real nice in a long but enjoyable cutscene. The way everybody gathers around Dink when they go to the ship is very enjoyable, as are the things Dink says when they reach the ship. You can skip this cutscene, but it would be a shame to do so, since it is also funny. The scenes on board the ship are also nice. The fight on board the ship is excellent, although tough! Dink falling into the ice and the sound of the cracking ice is funny. The poisonous monsters look the same, but they indeed poison Dink and you can see the change in the statusbar.

Not so good: It is a shame this is only a demo and that you feel like you can not save Dink’s world. The other world seems a bit flat, like it is two dimensional instead of three dimensional. The map is not very original, since the first part is of the original game and the third part of another game, but the iceworld is done nicely.

Overall: A very original D-mod that is fun playing. A shame this is just a demo.

Fit for: Everyone.