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June 8th, 2003
Demo 0-2
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant She/Her
Storyline: A computer glitch is destroying Dink’s world. He has to travel to other worlds to save his own. These other worlds are parts of other games. You even see a map of the Elder Scrolls.

Map and graphics: The first part of the map is Stonebrook and surroundings of the original Dink Smallwood. The second part is an iceworld and the third part is another world, Tamriel. Tamriel consists of graphics and tiles from another game. There are some new graphics, as the rats, which are good.

Music: The music is fair.

Good: The evacuation is done real nice in a long but enjoyable cutscene. The way everybody gathers around Dink when they go to the ship is very enjoyable, as are the things Dink says when they reach the ship. You can skip this cutscene, but it would be a shame to do so, since it is also funny. The scenes on board the ship are also nice. The fight on board the ship is excellent, although tough! Dink falling into the ice and the sound of the cracking ice is funny. The poisonous monsters look the same, but they indeed poison Dink and you can see the change in the statusbar.

Not so good: It is a shame this is only a demo and that you feel like you can not save Dink’s world. The other world seems a bit flat, like it is two dimensional instead of three dimensional. The map is not very original, since the first part is of the original game and the third part of another game, but the iceworld is done nicely.

Overall: A very original D-mod that is fun playing. A shame this is just a demo.

Fit for: Everyone.
February 25th, 2008
Demo 0-2
Score : 9.5 exceptional
A demo of a dmod that will have you begging the creator for the finished version to come out, Crosslink is a humorous dmod with lots of cool features. It was really cool to see a bit of oblivion in it, as well as more of the arctic reigons. It was really short, and a very small map, which gave the impression that I could change little of what was going to happen. There was only a couple of new weapons and spells, but the poison feature, the cracking ice, the strange bushes, and rips in reality gave a nice mystery aspect about it. It is worth trying, and I'm pretty sure after you finish it you will start nagging at the creator too.
November 8th, 2007
Demo 0-2
Score : 8.9 good
Peasant He/Him Singapore
Man, I love Necrodragons.... 
After playing this dmod for a few times, I realised that the storyline was simmiler to DinkC as in both dmod a computer glitch disruptes the world.
Good: Very interesting as you are able to venture to a new world to solve the problem and stepping on ice actually creates a crack in the ground!
Bad: It is only demo so we won't know if we actually can "save" dink's world...
April 26th, 2006
Demo 0-2
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant He/Him New Zealand
Normally I don't play the demo DMODs but I decided to download crosslink because of the high rating.

It starts off in the same town as you start in in the main game but half the room is covered with this blackness and as most DMODs go Dink has to go save the day.

I actually enjoyed how you can get poisoned by certain monsters, I also found it quite challanging how the ice starts to crack in places when you walk on it. The fact that you can use magic or an item in more than one way is really cool.

Overall this had to be the best demo DMOD I Have ever played and I really want it to be completed.
February 28th, 2006
Demo 0-2
Score : 9.5 exceptional
It's a Demo D-Mod called Crosslink.

Graphics. There WERE a lot of new ones. I don't bother enlisting them here.

Music. Well, uh, I forgot. Because I tend to forget the music, there's actually no point for me to rate that.

Sound. There are new ones. (How many times I've said "new ones"?) Such as the rat.

Map. Well, it was not square-like and... well, not much more to say. I'm bad in reviewing

Story. Well, some people might not catch the glimpse of it. But when you do, it's kinda interesting.

Humour. Ok goodgood. Not that I wanted to make it quickly.

Bugs. In the cave where the Dink Group settles, I got a problem when I talked to the guard. That was propably because it lacked the "unfreeze(1)" script, but I haven't checked it yet.

Overall. A really good D-Mod really worth playing. So quit reading this and click on the "Download" button.
April 21st, 2004
Demo 0-2
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant He/Him
I just downloaded it, because of the high place and the reviews. Even the title screen was different from the other dmods. It gave me a feeling of here comes a good dmod. Like I don't play demo's normally, only finished dmods.

So, I started the game, heard a little nice midi and i walked into the black waves... and died... second try ... This time I did smart . So I saved a girl and a guy. Then on the ship with the mad guy, i think it was a bit better than the ship to mistery island with the pukes. It was harder to solve... Also with the ice breaking under your feet. Getting poisoned by the slimes and pushing away hunderds of rocks, for nothing... I also like the option to stope cutscenes, very nice for if you die... So finally you've got to make a scan and save it in the memory stone, here stops the demo, too bad...

Propably it would be a good dmod if it gets finished, so I'm waiting for it...

OK, about the score, the music is good give it a 8.5

The map is well designed specially the ice that shows cracks when you walk over it and makes dink wet if he falls , I also like the other world, it has interesting graphics and is just totally new from the known dink graphics... So it'll be a 10.0.

Graphics, there are new graphics and they are good, as i already said, the otherworld is nice, in the rest of the game are not as much new graphics, but I still think that it's worth about 9.5.

Items, the new items are nice, Milder's sword is a nice idea, really original, I like them memmory stone also, just wanting to have it for french exams. Then you have also thescan spell, pretty cool idea. I'm going to give the originality a 9.7.

And there are bugs, too bad, but it's a demo, what would you expect? But, there aren't a lot of bugs, so the bugs that excist aren't really a problem to me. I liked the d-mod, so that is what counts for me: THE STORY

so I'm going to give it a 9.7, waiting for the full-version . And keep on saying, I liked this one.
March 9th, 2004
Demo 0-2
Score : 9.6 exceptional
Noble He/Him United Kingdom
The best demo ever released, along with "Back for the Grave". This is the perfect example of what Paul Pliska is capable of, and if he ever finishes this, you can be sure it will be up there with the very best d-mods of all time.
This not only has an exceptional story, but it has the typically innovative Pliska scripting, and implementation of quests that just feels "right".
Though I felt that right at the end of the demo, when you travel through the rift, the game is let down a bit.
I just despised those new graphics, even if they were from another game.
But on the whole, that cannot detract from what is an exceptional piece of work from the ManaUser.
August 21st, 2002
Demo 0-2
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Australia
Here is one of the better, if not the best demos around. It is big enough to be a romp, and almost big enough to be a small quest.

Some nice new stuff in here. The fight with Mr Smilestein in the boat was excellent. The rats as a new enemy were great. Graphics from another game (which shall remain nameless) were made to fit in well. The poisoning of Dink is a first.

Bugs: I got a freeze when going back to the cave after crossing over into the new worl. But that was about it.

Hope the full version comes out soon. Given the author's breakthru programming, thinking it could easily be the best DMOD of all.
June 8th, 2002
Demo 0-2
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant They/Them
A good DMOD demo. If this Dmod would be full, it could be better then "SOB", "POTA", OR "FRIENDS BEYOND TRILOGY.... You start in your house, but when you wake up- you see a black waves in left of your house. Then Dink says: -There are my weapons! Well, atleast i got my fireball magic scrool. (or something like that). Then you have to go to martigde, save your village peoples, and go to the one snowland.
Cool new graphics! Those rats- Cool stuff. I really like them! You will see those new graphics when you will play this DMOD.
Yea, there is new sounds... Really good sounds. I can say it again: Try it, and then you will understand what im saying...
Save your village and go to the snowland. There you must find a cave where you could live. well, that is end of demo...
Great DMOD! Really worth to download! If you want to play good game- then try it. There is only 1 minus- when everyone is in the cave, and you talk with you friends, the game crashes... But everything is perfect. I didnt find any bugs...
February 28th, 2002
Demo 0-2
Score : 9.9 exceptional
King He/Him United States bloop
A mother ducking wizard 
Best Demo Ever. Really, really, really good.

Back in 1998, after the Prophecy demo was released, I always said it was my favorite D-Mod. Others like the Quest for Arithia series, but I stuck with the POTA demo. Most people didn't seem to care much for it... probably for its demo status. However, once POTA was released, everyone saw how good it was.

Now, my favorite D-Mod is this Crosslink demo. Once Crosslink is released, I bet it will tower over current D-Mods just like POTA did back in '98.