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D-Mod Editing FAQ

January 23rd, 2003
Score : 7.8 good
Peasant Female
Purpose: This is a serie of answers to, indeed, frequently asked questions.

Good: There are some questions and answers on general issues, but also information about making a warp, setting hardness for houses, adding new graphics and music, and how to use visions and screenmatch. All real basic information, but nonetheless a good resource for newbies and also for those who are not that new to Dinking, since you can always learn something new. There are a lot of links where you can find additional information.

Not so good: Some information is a bit out dated, such as the information on how to make new folders for a D-mod, since nowadays we have skeletons to take care of that. And since this file is on some parts a bit out dated, that also means that newly FAQ's that should be in, are not.

Overall: This is a good file, where you can find the answers to various questions that may arise, not only the frequently asked ones, but also the not so often asked ones.