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Autumn Tiles

Autumn Water Tile
Tiles that resemble autumn (brown grass, etc).
Released:January 1st, 1990
File Size:439.84 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
October 30th, 2002
Score : 5.0 fair
Peasant She/Her
This file contains 6 tiles, ts19, ts20, ts21, ts22, ts23, and ts32.

The tiles come in dirt/water, dirt/grey earth, dirt/rock, dirt/path and one tile that has a dark green colour.
Although they are called autumn tiles, they look more like wasteland.

TS19 is brown dirt sitting next to water. If you want to make some walking space for Dink, you have to use blocks from another tile, since if you use a block from TS19 it does not blend. But the blocks from TS21, TS22 and TS23 have a slightly different colour brown, so that is not very nice either.

TS20 and TS32 are partial new. TS32 has a dark green colour with a darker green centre. TS20 has the same brown colours as the others, with a darker brown centre; the centre of TS20 does not blend, so you can not use the darker brown; you can only use it as one dark brown spot. It also has four lines on it, that divide the separate blocks so it looks like the tile does not blend.
The same goes for TS32; the green version of TS20.

TS21 is the best, since this tile has brownish trees that resemble autumn the most.
TS23 is the road and grass tile, but now in a brown colour for the grass.
TS32 has a dark green colour with a darker green centre.

The problem with all tiles is that they all have a slightly different brown colour and a different texture. So you can not use them on the same screen. TS19 and TS20 do not have any blocks to create walking space, so you would have to use some other tile, but then the difference in colour is cleary seen. The best tile to combine with TS20 would be TS19, but it is not perfect. And the same goes for the other tiles. TS32, the green tile, is the best for combining, since you can combine it with normal grass.

The tiles have other numbers then the original ones, so you can not just copy the tiles into the tiles folder, but first you have to check what name to give them. It would have been handier if these tiles had the same names as the original ones.

Overall these tiles do not resemble autumn, but that is not bad at all since wasteland tiles are useful too. The main problem with these tiles is that they all have different textures and different colours of brown, and are therefore only useful as seperate tiles. But since tiles are supposed to be used on several adjoining screens, most of these tiles are not that useful.