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Secret of Amehoela

Sori versus evil pillbugs! Sori and some other puppet. Sori after waking up.
Christian says, "Sori (you know him of Secret of Parizaya, don't you?) wakes up in his bed, and doesn't know what happened.
He looks at his self and sees that he's transformed into a puppet!
As soon as he gets out, he sees that everyone looks very weird.
Who did this and why???
THATS for you to find out."
Released:February 26th, 2006
File Size:769.14 KB
Release Notes:Gold
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July 5th, 2002
Score : 0.2 horrible
Peasant They/Them
I don't mean to be snotty or anything, but this dmod sux. I was told that it was supposed to be funny, but I did not see any funny things about it.

Strengts: Has none.

Weaknesses: It was small, boring, pointless, you die at the end anyway, wether you want to or not, and whats more, the midis are boring, there's virtually nothing to do, and the graphics were crap.

Overall, I would recommend that you shouldn't play this game. Although, if you are absolutely bored out of your wits, play it. Although, it only takes about five to ten minutes at the most to finish it.
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