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Secret of Amehoela

Sori and some other puppet. Sori after waking up. Sori versus evil pillbugs!
Christian says, "Sori (you know him of Secret of Parizaya, don't you?) wakes up in his bed, and doesn't know what happened.
He looks at his self and sees that he's transformed into a puppet!
As soon as he gets out, he sees that everyone looks very weird.
Who did this and why???
THATS for you to find out."
Released:February 26th, 2006
File Size:769.14 KB
Release Notes:Gold
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March 9th, 2004
Score : 2.0 horrible
This dmod sucks. that's as simple and true as it can be. graphics are the worst part, depth spots of the sucky graphics the second worst. Then comes the plot, gameplay etc..... I liked the music though.

Sori, but this dmod just hasn't got what it takes to be good!
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Help1GlennglennNovember 29th 2004, 03:00 PM