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Evil Empire

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Released:April 19th, 2001
File Size:406.93 KB
Release Notes:Demo
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November 7th, 2002
Score : 0.2 horrible
Peasant She/Her
Storyline: A pig called Ben tells Dink to go to Endron because there is trouble in that town. A statue tells you there is a weird bar to the north and the city of Endron to the east, and a knight tells you that the lands are infested by pillbugs. That is all the conversation in this D-mod.

Map and graphics: The map is rather small, but done slovenly. There are no new graphics, but the house you start in has castle walls instead of normal ones, which is a nice change.

Music: I did not hear any, although there are some midi’s in the sound folder.

Good: The statue that takes gold for information is a nice idea. But, when you are out of gold and you talk to it again, it will give you gold, instead of taking it.

Not so good: There is no story, no gameplay. Actually, there is nothing to do. It looks like this D-mod was started but never finished. The map consists mainly of screens with only pillbugs and screens with trees and knights: the knights turn into slayers when entering the screen. There are no borders used, not even on the shore. There are no borders in the house so you can just walk through the walls. When entering the weird bar in the north you are warped to a screen with no borders where nothing can be done. There are almost 400 scripts in the story folder: most of them are copied from the original Dink story (source) folder. Some new files are not used in the D-mod. There are .txt files and a .mid file in the story and main folder. There is a non-used tile.

Overall: Not worth the download.

Fit for: No one.