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Details Graphics Pack

Various detail graphics for use in D-Mods. Includes dink.ini depth-dots/hard-boxes for easy implementation. Includes a few new/modified graphics for indoors as well as for outside in the snow.
Released:March 22nd, 2002
File Size:52.89 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
October 8th, 2002
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant She/Her
This file contains 15 graphics for use in D-mods.

Each graphic comes with a .txt file with the line to put in dink.ini, which is real handy. The only thing you have to add is the sequence number and frame number.

Bathtub: The graphic is new and looks good. I only wonder how to use this one, since placing it just in a house seems strange, so you would have to make a bathroom to go with it. And to make a bathroom, just to show that the people who are living in the house do take a bath now and then (and not jump into the nearby river or use the well) seems a bit too much trouble to go through.

Bed1, bed2, bed3: These are modified original graphics. These are a nice change, since having beds with exactly the same colour (and size) in every house in a D-mod is a bit unrealistic. We are all used to it, but when you think about it, it is a bit strange that, no matter where Dink travels to, all the houses have the same beds. The same goes of course for every other graphic, like houses and so on, but starting with different beds – only if it is just the colour – seems a good start.

Bookshelf: This is a modified original graphic. This one is great, since the original ones could only be placed at the back wall of the house, but this one can stand in a corner.

Crack1, crack2, crack3, crack4, crack5: These look a bit like the original cracks, but are new and are perfect to use in icy surroundings. I believe 9 Gems of Life used them.

Dresser: The graphic is new and looks good. It looks more like a dressing table to me, but I think this one will add something to a room and, in contrary to the fridge and perhaps the bathtub, this graphic easily blends in with the world of Dink.

Fridge: This is a new graphic and looks a bit cartoonish. But it will well do in a science fiction or high tech D-mod. ( Praise for my 5-second fridge abomination...the world is ending for sure. - Tal)

Snow1, snow2, snow3: These are new graphics and they look splendid. They have been used in Cycles of Evil.

Overall: A nice pack, with some graphics in it that have already proven their usefulness in D-mods.