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A Dink Smallwood themed screensaver.
Released:May 14th, 1999
File Size:110.03 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
May 21st, 2002
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Male Netherlands
Any fool can use a computer. Many do. 
This Dink themed screensaver offers you a chance to enjoy Dink, even if you're not playing! After you've extracted the file somewhere, you can doubleclick on it to run but it should be in the screensavermenu from Windows, right? The readme doesn't explain where you should extract it to let it appear in the menu but luckily, I'll tell ya. Just place the screensaver file in the windowssystem dir and it'll appear there. Then click Screensaver in the list (hmm, a better name like Dink Screensaver would've been better but oh well). There are a few things you can modify in the menu: the speed (frames per second - now set to 20) and play sound yes/no.

Now what can you see, you're wondering. You'll see Dink objects moving on screen, they are: fire, pillbug, bonca, heart, pig, dead dragon and a well, that's it. The objects seem to be simple pictures because when an object touches an other object, you'll see that the picture has a black square around it. So they aren't pictures on a white background (which could result in a transparent area around the picture) but just black.

Then there's also the fact that the screensaver has been made with an unregistered version of the Animated Screen program from PY Software ( This message stays all the time in the bottomleft corner of the screen in very nice... blue. The screen where you can set the frames per second and sound yes/no has also a nice message (actually, most part of that window is a message about PY Software).

Finally, the sound you'll hear during the screensaver (if you've turned it on, of course). It's a quite boring repetitive tune, it doesn't change but it's the same all the time - remember, you can turn it off.

Overall: It's a screensaver but a few moving objects aren't really interesting to see. Ok, it saves your screen but there are a few things about this screensaver that bring the score down. As for the first line in this review, playing Dink has a lot more to offer then a few moving Dink objects .