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Richard's Attack

Unique design. From the COTPATD project.
Dink must Kill Richard and save Anthony.
Released:March 23rd, 1999
File Size:226.33 KB
Release Notes:v1.1
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August 6th, 2002
Score : 0.1 horrible
Peasant He/Him
Aaaargh! This D-MOD is one of the worst at the Dink Network! There are hundreds of reasons why I say this, some are more appropriate than others. If you really want to know why I think this then read the Strengths and Weaknesses section below. Basically in this D-MOD you have to save Anthony. Ok, then what? You ask, nothing I reply. Absolutly nothing, this D-MOD is poor, very poor, read below to find out why...


Average storyline.


This D-MOD seems to have a big map, or a pretty big map for a romp when you look at it in Dink edit, but of all those screens only a few of them are used! Walk north on the first screen and there is a screen full of badly tiled grass! Walk north again and another screenful of it! Takes you quite a bit to actually reach the road that you are supposed to be on! There are hundreds and hundreds of hardness errors and some really strange doors! Some doors don't do anything, while some explode, while some hurt you if you walk up to them! Some doors take you inside really badly put together places where nobody talks! This D-MOD is the worst I have ever played in my entire life! There are hundreds of bugs, errors and screenfulls of grass! ALL of the music here is from the original Dink, meaning nothing new. All the graphics here except the title screen are from the original Dink. The title screen absolutely sucks as well! It's all bright colours and pastal words that have been scrapped up in MSPAINT. No sound on the title screen whatsoever meaning, oh my god this is boring already. The buttons are the ones that you can find in SkeletonB meaning nothing new there either! The scripting absolutely sucks, and there are millions of spelling errors! Screenmatch is sometimes terribly done and very buggy! I tell you this D-MOD is packed with weaknesses and even at what I think is the end, where you save this Anthony, you are stuck! You can't go anywhere and are stuck in a cave with the evil boss that doesn't say a word and doesn't attack you and that's it! Can't go anywhere else! Oh my god this D-MOD is TERRIBLE! The game doesn't tell you anything either, why there is an evil wizard, why he has kidnappend Anthony! Heck! Even Cloud Castle is better than this (That's a Joke Sabre). I can't say much more apart from the fact that there are bound to be more errors and bugs that I couldn't find because as soon as I got stuck in the cave, away I went, pressed the esc. button and left in a mood! Terrible, do NOT download this D-MOD under any circumstances



Total 0.1
Grade Z (Oh my good god...)