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Cheat Menu

Adds a cheat function to the escape menu.
Released:May 5th, 1998
File Size:2.32 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
May 27th, 2002
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant He/Him Netherlands
Any fool can use a computer. Many do. 
When you replace the cheat.d in the zipfile with the escape.d file in your dink/story directory (to uninstall: just make a backup of the escape.d file before you replace it with the file in the readme, then you can place the backup back to uninstall this cheatmenu), it'll add a Cheat Menu to the Escape Menu. The cheat can be used to receive full health, 90,000 gold and all your stats will be taken to 999. Ok, so I press Escape in the game and I see that three lines have been added to let ya know that you're using a Cheat Menu from Nathan..oh well. The normal Escape Menu options are there and under View/change gamepad buttons, is now a new option, named: Activate Cheats. When you use this option, you'll get a message that the cheats have been activated and after you press Ok, the cheats will be activated.

The changes you make with this Cheat Menu are permanent so you can't change it back later in the game (well, not with this Cheat Menu then). This should be The Ultimate Menu Cheat, according to the readme but it doesn't have that many cheats to be that. Also, when you have more than the cheats in the Cheat Menu (for example, if you have more than 90,000 gold), then they will be taken down to the number that the Cheat Menu gives you.

Overall: You can use this cheat to change the stats without being able to change them back. The cheat is ok but there are better cheats out there and they provide a better way to cheat your way through the game.