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Movie2000 Tutorial

March 11th, 2004
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Female
I do not know why this file is called Movie2000 since it has nothing to do with movies. Move2000 would be, at least for me, more understandable. But perhaps my English is not good enough to grasp the meaning of the name.

Purpose: This tutorial explains how you can automatically make a new script in the story folder in which, also automatically, the movements of a sprite will be noted.

Use: This file is about a neat little thing you can do in DinkEdit. It works real simple: put a sprite on screen and give it a name of a script that does not already exists in your story folder. Pick up the sprite, put it where you want it to start, put it on screen and move the cursor to where you want it to go. Then press on of the keys of NumPad (8 if you went north, 2 if you went south and so on).
Go to your story folder and open the new .c file. It will contain a line that looks like this (of course the numbers will be different):
move_stop(&current_sprite, 8, 24, 1)

Overall: It is a nice gadget but not very useful. The authors do explain how you can make a script that actually works, but that is only for the move_stop command and mostly these commands are used in larger scripts, so you have to adjust the scripts anyway. It is easier and faster to just jot down the coordinates you want and then manually insert them in a script then to use this method.

Fit for: If you want to see what this gadget thingy is about.