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Quest for Cheese (The)

July 3rd, 2002
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant Female
Storyline: The author states that this D-mod doesnít have a complex or compelling storyline but that he instead focused on good gameplay. This D-mod shows that you in fact donít need a complex storyline to make a good D-mod. All you need is one basic quest and work out that one really good.

Map: Not fancy, but all that is needed, is there.

Graphics: No new ones, except for the title-screen. But the graphics are used in a very unexpected, almost hilarous new way. Very good!

Music: Fits the situation. One thing I particularly liked was the use of music, just like it is done in movies. At some dramatic point the music drops deadÖ and then, when Dink agrees to accept a new quest, the music starts again. Really good.

Bugs: I didnít encounter any, not even the one the author describes.

Good: The humour is very, very good. Itís never overdone or too obvious. Even in the readme file there are some funny bits and pieces. The author doesnít take himself or his game too serious so it seems Ė and I think that is a good thing. There are many subquests and many secrets to discover. The enemies are really good. The game is fun to play. The graphics are used in a new way. You find suprises on almost every screen.

Not so good: Perhaps that a few tiles donít blend. Itís the only thing I can come up withÖ

Overall: An entertaining, funny, suprising and very good D-mod.

Fit for: Everybody. I would say this one is a must-play D-mod.