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Enemy Talk

January 27th, 2003
Score : 5.5 fair
Peasant Female
Purpose: This file allows you to let enemies talk.

Installation: Unzip to the dink smallwood/dink/story directory and the scripts are ready for use. There are 13 scripts; for boncaís pillbugs, slimes and one for a dragon.

Good: It works fine. When you attack an enemy they say things like "Why am I so cool?", "You are dead now, boy!", "I hate when you do that.", "Iím related to Godzilla.", "Donít touch me again.", and, one of the funniest remarks: "Iím a cool DinkC script."

Not so good: The author should have mentioned too that you should attach the scripts to a sprite. Seems logic to those that are used to scripting, but newbies might not be. The scripts are .d files, which is not good at all, since now you can not change the lines of text the enemies are saying, so you are stuck with the ones the author put in.

Overall: An average file since you can not change the scripts.

Fit for: If you want talking enemies in your D-mod, and you do not mind settling for the phrases the author wrote down, you could give this file a try.