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Quest for Dorinthia (The)

July 6th, 2002
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant Female
Dink has to save princess Dorinthia and defeat an evil wizard.

Storyline: The main quest is simple enough: just save the princess. But there are loads of sub-quests and before you can even think of rescuing her, you have been adventuring quite some time. The storyline is balanced and all the things you have to do are in one way or another part of the main quest. Therefore it never gets dull and you really have the feeling you are on a heroic quest.

Map: The map is huge, but it almost never gets boring. The different areaís have their own characteristics. It reminds me of the original Dink.

Graphics: The graphics fit the different purposes. They are not new (some are borrowed) but actually I didnít even notice in the beginning since I was so absorbed by the adventure. The title screen is nice.

Music: Only a few midiís. I can only tell that there are midiís because I checked the directory. While playing I didnít hear any: that wasnít because the volume was off or because there was something wrong with the game, but I was so focused on the game I guess the house could have gone up in flames without me even noticing it.

Good: Definitely the mix of good gameplay and storyline to which secrets, puzzles and loads of tasks are added. Furthermore, although the map is huge, there is no wandering and wondering what to do next, but just exploring and anxiously awaiting whatís going to happen on the next screen. You get a good change of building up levels, strength and so on, actually without even noticing it. There are not that many savebots, but they are placed on strategic places and you can easily remember where they are (a thing I always seem to have trouble with!). There are enough clues given to find your way. There are several towns to explore and this reminds me once again of the original game.

Not so good: The town of Private, since there is nothing to do, well, almost nothing. That seems kind of useless to me, since it looks very nice.

Overall: An outstanding D-mod with plenty hours of adventure.

Fit for: You want to be a hero? Download this and a great adventure awaits you!