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God Mode

January 4th, 2003
Score : 0.1 horrible
Peasant Female
Purpose: To let you cheat in a D-mod – probably. I guess it is, but I could not get this file to work, nor did it explain what it was about. The readme.txt was empty. In the zip file are the following files: godminst.bat, gomode.bat, pkunzip.exe, readthisfirst.txt (empty), godmode.c and a that contains dink.dat, dink.ini, hard.dat and map.dat.

The only comment in one of those files was that ‘Dink dies not so really fast’ and that you will loose only one hitpoint.

Installation: I have no idea how you can install this since there is no explanation on that, and although I tried all the files, it did not do anything.

Overall: Real bad. Do not download this, it is a waste of your time. If you want to cheat, use a decent cheat file such as Dink Smallwood Trainer, Dink Smallwood Savegame Editor, or Ultimate Cheat Version 2.0

Fit for: No one.