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Ultimate Midi Pack

September 26th, 2002
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant She/Her
This is quite an impressive midi collection; a total of 142 midi’s can be found in this midi pack.

There are 97 in the main folder, 36 in the fight folder and 9 in the terra folder.

There is a track description in alphabetical order, so you can see what source it is from, who the artist is, and the author has added some notes.

A lot of midi’s are from Final Fantasy, but also from Zelda, Mega Man, Street Fighter, ass Kong, Sonic, Tetris and Duke Nukem. There are midi’s from Jurassic Park and Return of the Jedi, and there is even a midi from the classic RPG Quest for Glory.

Almost all the midi’s are suitable for an action scene, a fighting scene or some other exciting situation.

Some midi’s from the main folder that attracted my attention: Visitors Centre from Jurassic Park is really good, TG_Track1 is somewhat nerve-racking, TN-Lhasa is calm, AherosLitany, Aspiration and VampireKiller are creepy, teso_02 is calm, almost soothing, as is ST-Underworld. A_new_Origin and Balrog would do perfectly for a fight. Snakeman is very good, especially the beginning.
And all the midi’s from Perfect Dark are very good indeed.

Some midi’s from the folder fight that attracted my attention: Arcanafinal is a very strange midi. Bjcrap11-FF8 is quite good; FF3jBoss5 and FF5gilg sound creepy. Ffaboss is a very good one, as is ko^2. High_Tension_Wire can be used when some real action is going on. LavosCore and Yiboss are both very fast.

All the midi’s from the terra folder are very good. It suits action packed scenes, but has an undertone of some eerie atmosphere.

Overall: A fine collection of midi’s that will do very well in any D-mod.