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January 25th, 2003
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant Female
Storyline: Not much of a storyline, but, then again, this is an arcade game, not an RPG. There are six levels in which you have to fight different monsters. You can choose between four fighters.

Map and graphics: The map suits the situations. There are no new graphics.

Music: An excellent choice of music, that suits the different levels good. The intro music is good too, and the first midi I heard that is actually a real song.

Good: It never gets too hard, and the levels are not that large that it gets boring.

Not so good: When you choose the 'Ask about rules' option the game freezes.

Overall: A nice, but easy arcade game.

Fit for: If you like to fight and like arcade games, but you do not want any hard time while playing, this is a good download.