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Counter Strike CTF

September 26th, 2002
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Female
You play a commando who has to complete a mission.

Storyline: Quite small, but perfectly al right for this D-mod. You get one assignment: capture the enemy flag.

Map and graphics: The map suits the game. New graphics are the commando, the terrorists, the status bars, the inventory and the item icons. The human sprites are not very good; they are hand drawn and do not walk, but glide. The commando is wearing a gas mask, and that made me wonder why, since there is no gas attack.

Music: There were two midi’s in the game, both of them fair. There are lots of sound effects. And there is some speech that sounds good.

Good: Shooting with a gun is a nice change to the boomerang and throwing axe. You have ammunition so you have to be careful while shooting otherwise you will run out of it. You can buy new ammunition by killing terrorists or pillbugs. There is a GPS, which you can use to check your position. This is a really good graphic. The inventory, status bars and item icons are very good and realistic. You can choose between two weapons. The sound effects are very good.

Not so good: The options ‘I’m a noob, help me' and ‘Options’ on the title screen were not available. The enemies are too easy since you can dodge their fire – which is not even aimed at you. Indeed, the pillbugs are tougher enemies then the terrorists. The gameplay is far too easy and therefore is over before you know it.

Overall: A very entertaining, but much too short D-mod with good new graphics.

Fit for: If you are tired of fighting with a sword or a throwing axe, this D-mod will provide a very nice change.