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Legend of the Pillbug (The)

Dink gets his vacation at last. From the COTPATD project.
"Dink Smallwood, the great hero who defeated the evil Seth and solve the mystery of Mystery Island, returns home for a vacation at his summer home at the beach. All is about to turn wrong when dink's summer house is burnt mysteriously and that the fact he got lost in the woods he knew so well. In the woods he would discover something he had wished he never discovered in the first place..."
Released:July 31st, 2003
File Size:461.58 KB
Release Notes:v2.00
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July 23rd, 2006
Score : 6.8 fair
A D-Mod that could be missed on one's list of those to download, and an average fair at best. Despite its sortcomings, this is a D-Mod that will change your mind about squishing pillbugs- maybe.

The story is interesting, but I found it overly ambitious and contrived. Dink's home is set on fire by pillbugs(???). That may seem nigh impossible, but nothing seems to be TOO impossible for this D-Mod. Pillbugs - which in this are sentient beings that not only talk, but build houses and even run their own shops - are really the main focus here- and although there seemed nothing at all legendary about them, you will spend way too much time trying to figure out whether the pillbugs on your screen are friendly or hostile (the golems in The Secret of Parizaya posed the same problem). I really like the twists and workings of intrigue, and when I played this one the first time I disregarded many of the impossibilities and took the time to enjoy the odd and whimsical story. I like the characters- I don't know why, but something about talking pillbugs seems mildly appealing- perhaps because I do not consider them something that shouldn't be able to talk in any NORMAL enviroment. While I found the story to be anusing, not everyone will find this appealing, and may be rather annoyed with the fact that it is hard to swallow, even in a game.

The map is definitly one of the low points in this D-Mod- though not necessarily bad, It bothered me. What is bad about this map? The map for Legend of the Pillbug is completetly linear, with no real secrets or dungeons to enjoy. While it tries to hide this by turning to one side or the other every once and a while, the map really seems more like a straight path- even when you are supposedly lost in the middle of the forest- meaning that really it is useful only to get you from one area to another. The straight and uneventful map persuaded me to try and get to the next town as fast as I could, which is a bad thing.

Nothing new, not even any especially original uses for the old ones- at least not every screen used the fence graphic as a wall... almost every sprite in this D-Mod has a purpose, and there seems to be very little effort that was devoted to the eclesiatic.

The monsters were all pretty easy... but then again they were mostly pillbugs- which are pretty easy to squish anyway.


So really not the best D-Mod, but it is still entertaining and delightful with only a few bugs. While there are definitely many much better D-Mods available for download, there are also many that are much worse. If your browsing through the D-Mod page looking for something short, entertaining, and by no means gut-wrenching hard, this one's worth a look- I feel it has a unique touch unattained by but a few other D-Mods, and is one of only a few that I forgive many of the problems that bring down its score, just because I found it quite entertaining.
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