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Themes Midi Pack

October 6th, 2002
Volume 1
Score : 7.5 good
Peasant Female
This midi pack contains 11 midiís from various sources, such as movies and TV.

Dances_with_wolves is calm and quiet, as are Forrest_Gump and Star_Trek_Voyager.
Both Mononoke and Jurassic start rather calm, but have a fast, and exciting end.

Raiders_Of_The_Lost_Arc is outstanding, but then again, so was the movie. The same goes for Starwars; outstanding. Both midiís are very good gimmicks; you only have to hear the music and you are right back in the cinema, or where ever you were when you saw those movies.

Totorobeg and Totorobeg2 are very cheerful. Totoroend and Totoroend2 are somewhat cheerful and calm as well.

It is very nice to hear this music again, but I can not imagine that such recognisable music as from The Raiders of the Lost Ark, or from Star Wars could be used in a D-mod. It just does not seem right to use them for anything else. Or perhaps someone should make (another) game about those movies. That is the only remark I have, because the midiís are great.