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2002-09-04 09:18:55
: Sabretout has been a pecker like useal , Dethlord killed his chat, and otherwise without you, everything has been peaceful.

: --WC

Yes, it's true I took down the chat. I feel as though it's best for me to let it all go. I even gave up the walkthroughs since it's no longer needed since Dink Solutions is somewhat stable. If not then blame them.

For reasons why I took down the chat, visit my site which is now called Lost Souls Network or click on the link below.

Can my retirement of Dink Chat mark the downfall of Dink Chat. I doubt it. My influence of Dink Chat in the past is what made it successful and will possibly make IRC a even better chat than the old Java one. Think of me as one of the pioneers in Dink Chat history.

- DethLord

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Desert Tiles GraphicsDevelopment, GraphicsGood 7.3June 6th, 2002
Final Fantasy Midi PackDevelopment, MusicGood 7.7January 21st, 2002
Themes Midi PackDevelopment, MusicGood 8.2January 21st, 2002