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Quest of Glandor

June 5th, 2003
Score : 0.5 horrible
Peasant She/Her
Ideas: I thought this was a D-mod, but it is not. It is more like a bunch of ideas, and although that can be good and lead to interesting things (such as SabreTrouts ideas about Alternative Heroes) the ideas in this file are for creating a D-mod that the authors wanted to make, but did not. So instead they release some files and a D-mod that is not unfinished – as the title claims – but that has not even started yet.

The D-mod: The first screen is funny; the conversation between Dink and the monster and the change of tune is funny too, but there is no storyline to be found and worse, that is also the end of the D-mod since there is nothing more to do. The map is just a bunch of unfinished or empty screens without any borders. You can warp yourself via a tree to a screen with two wizards on it, of which one moves, but they do not talk.

The story: There are some documents that tell you what the story should be like and what characters they feature. The Story-Unfinished.doc tells quite an interesting story about Glandor, a human who lives 2000 years after Dink, in a world where monsters are intelligent and magic does not exist anymore. Glandor is captured by Edaln, but manages to escape and meets a dwarf Peter. Since Peter is not supposed to bring humans to his village, they are both sentenced to death and have to escape the dwarf village. They adventure a bit and come to a temple in which Glandor reads a diary of a priest, stating that ‘even my magic is not enough to subdue these vicious monsters.’ This is of course weird, since magic does not exist anymore. Anyway, Peter dies by a monster, and Glandor meets a man who tells him about a certain Ilkazar who is adored in a town. In this town Glandor joins a secret organization and has to go on a mission to find a certain stone and give it to Bob (which is quite an unusual name in a world hosted by Glandors, Odans and Edalns – although it goes well with the dwarf named Peter).
The storyline goes on and on, and it seems there is enough material for an epic.

Graphics and music: There are some new graphics, but none of them are finished or useable. There are over 50 midi’s included in this file.

Conclusion: All in all this seems more like a DIY D-mod for those who do not have any ideas for a D-mod. And indeed, the authors state: “Thus, anyone who feels like it can finish it, heck I would even like that to happen! So, feel free to use everything of our unfinished work, and I might even want to help you with it.”

Overall: This is not a D-mod, but a bunch of things that every author has when starting to make a D-mod.

Remark: Releasing a bunch of stuff that you gathered for your own D-mod, in the hope that someone else finishes it, is a bad idea – this file was released in 2002 and so far no one has taken the challenge to make a decent D-mod out of this material, so I doubt whether someone will. If you want to help others, then release a midi pack and a graphics pack. As an unfinished D-mod, this one is really horrible and I can only rate it as such.

Fit for: If you want to use the things in this file.