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Rings of Destiny

January 12th, 2003
Demo 2
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Female
Storyline: There is quite an extensive intro to this D-mod. A long time ago a dragon lost a scroll that was picked up by some mages. They used it to cast a spell and an evil warlord appeared. Only one of the mages managed to escape and he summoned a Dink from the past to save the world and the Castle of Winds by collecting rings.

Map and graphics: The map has enough details, but they do not make a beautiful map. Instead, it is a bit boring since most of the details are the same. There are some adjusted graphics, such as Dink with different types of weapons: those are real good.

Music: The music is quite good.

Good: The explanation in the intro is real good. The introduction itself is done nice too.

Not so good: After the good intro, there is not that much entertainment anymore. It is not clear what you should do, sprites do not react and do not give you any further explanation. If you want to save a man that screams for help, he does not say a word. There are a lot of screens with monsters that do not add anything to the story. Nice decorated screens with also some monsters on it can at least serve a purpose, but to make screen after screen just for the sake to put a lot of monsters on it, makes no sense at all. The stats do not go up immediately, whether it is money or strength and such; they only go up after a while. Another thing that annoyed me is the lack of interpunction in the text: no use of comma’s, capital letters and so on, but instead one long sentence. It makes it real hard to read the text.
There is a .c file in the sound folder. The game came with a saved game. Some tiles do not blend. Some sprites are not stamped on adjoining screens.

Overall: A D-mod that relies more on fighting then on an entertaining adventure.

Fit for: If you like to fight, this is worth the download.