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2004-12-20 19:10:40
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wait thanks redink i finally figured out what the conversion things meant and it worked without using any global variables. The problem i have now is kinda stupid but, the first time i go on to the screen another sprite besides the duck talks but if i leave and come back everytime after that it works fine. I am just gonna say its some kind of bug in the engine and hope it doesn't mess up anything.

Update: Actually its not working at all. It seems to work if I use global variable to assign the values but not if i don't. For example this script does not work.

int &voice1 = sp(25);
int &voice2 = sp(30);

say("hello mertle", &voice1);
say("hello betty", &voice2);

this will do nothing. If i make &voice1 and &voice2 global variables and do this in scripts attached to the sprites.
&voice1 = sp(25); attached to mertle sprite
&voice2 = sp(30); attached to betty sprite

then in a seperate script do the following.
say("hello mertle", &voice1);
say("hello betty", &voice2);

it works. I am not sure why the first way does not work but the second way does. Anyone know why?

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