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Super Potion Cheat

Allows you to make a potion that adds to your stats.
Released:January 31st, 1998
File Size:1.42 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
May 3rd, 2002
Score : 0.1 horrible
Usually I won't bother to review such a file, but a 9.9 point by someone who probably never "figure out" how to make it work is just rediculous.

So I decided to see how super this cheat was. It turned out it's buggy, unfriendly, and plain bad!

You need to use DinkEdit to literally add a potion in the map. So you do need to know how to use DinkEdit to change the map file. Most of non-author players probably won't even bother to try. If the players do know how to use DinkEdit that way, they probably could write the script themselves.

The super potion can raise Dink's stat like crazy. The potion won't disappear immediately, so you can touch it again and again and get crazy stat. The biggest problem is the added high experience. It would definitely cause the game crash just by killing anything afterwards.

I urge DN staff to delete the untruthful review posted by Dinkerboy.