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Stone of Balance Desert Tiles

The Desert Tiles from SOB.
Released:June 23rd, 2002
File Size:1.09 MB
Release Notes:v1.1
July 2nd, 2002
Score : 8.3 good
Peasant Female
The Stone of Balance Desert Tiles v1.1 contains 11 tiles to make a desert. This pack contains two sets, one is based on the tiles used in SOB (the tiles TS01-TS07), the other set (the tiles Desert1-Desert5) are newly made by the author or remade to implent easily.

Good: The colours resemble perfectly a desert in the early morning or in the late afternoon.
The tiles contain not only desert, but also cliffs and rocks. Since deserts comes in all kind of shapes and forms, adding hills and rocks is realistic since there are very few deserts which consists merely of sand.
The bottom of the cliff is very well done: you can just imagine the scorpions and snakes living under those overhanging cliffs.
You can add a road which bends and turns.
With the tiles added in this version you can make a reddish coloured desert. Tile Desert5 has some desert-plants which are very nice.

Not so good: The road is reddish. Not a bad colour, but in a desert you would find more likely a trail or track that consists of ribbed sand in a slightly darker sandy colour.

Remark: At the bottom of the mountains there are some very tiny pieces of green. I don’t know if the author overlooked those or if he left them there intentionally, but they give a realistic impression since there are plants in the desert, and the shade of a overhanging cliff is the perfect spot for those to grow.

General remark: If you’d put The Stone of Balance Desert Tiles by SimonK and the The Desert Tile Graphics v1.2 by Dethlord together, you’d have all the tiles you need to make every desert you wish. The only problem is that the tiles don’t blend.

Overall: A very realistic graphics pack to make two kind of deserts.