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Vagabond's Quest: Dungeon of Despair

From the COTPATD project.
September 28th, 2002
Score : 6.0 fair
Peasant She/Her
This D-mod is based on the Online RPG Vagabonds Quest.

Storyline: Dink is asked to save a town that is pestered by demons and ims (goblin sprites).

Map and graphics: This is the sort of map I like, although it is a bit empty. The map is not filled with endless screens of open space just for the sake of having lots of screen, but it has just a few screens on which everything takes place.

Music: The music is very good, especially the music in town.

Good: The way you can get healed is nice. The game you can play in the tavern is nicely done. The training ground is original.

Not so good: Although it says you have to pay to buy an apple or a pie, you do not need to pay to get the goodies; you only have to pay for the roast duck. Some hardness errors on doors. Although the basic idea of the training ground is very good, it is badly worked out since the training ground is the only way to level up in the beginning. You have to talk to the guy of the training ground first, then choose a monster and then you can start the fight. You have to do this lots of times since you have to be on level 3 before you can get some more information, and on level 4 before you can enter the mine. And therefore you have to spend a lot of time in the training ground and that really gets boring very quickly. Besides that you have to heal every time since there is no savebot. That means that, if you almost reached a certain level and are killed accidentally, you can start a new game. Although you should be able to save the game by pressing S that did not work. Pressing W should heal you, but that key command did not work either.

Overall: A well worked out D-mod, with one huge fault: the training ground as only means to level up.
Fit for: If you want to adventure a bit and do not mind fighting a lot to level up, this is the one to download.