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Quest for Dorinthia 2: The Island Revenge

Jesus, Dorinthia, your dad is STANDING RIGHT THERE. From the COTPATD project.
After Dink weds Dorinthia, the wizard returns from the grave and captures Dorintha again. Dink must solve 6 puzzles on the Island Revenge to save his new wife.
Released:July 3rd, 2012
File Size:1.44 MB
Release Notes:Screwed up while mapping and accidentally removed a hidden sprite which was used to get you on board the boat to head to Baron.. kind of important. I've fixed that now.

Made some additional tweaks to the map to make it coincide with QFD SE and tweaked some scripts and dialogue to help out with QFD III.

Sorry to everyone for the screw-up. Who said making DMOD's WASN'T hard work?
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July 6th, 2002
Score : 9.6 exceptional
Peasant She/Her
Dink and Dorinthia are married, but Dorinthia is kidnapped and Dink must save here again.

Storyline: This D-mod is the sequel to the first Dorinthia. The storyline does not involve one quest, but several tasks to complete. Especially the beginning is very good and humorous.

Map: The map is smaller than the map in the first Dorinthia, but very good since there are no boring or empty parts in it in which you wander without any aim.

Graphics: There are some new ones, but not many. The graphics are however used in a nice way and this D-mod shows once again that new graphics are no necessity to make a great D-mod. The title screen is nice too.

Music: Mediocre.

Good: The gameplay is very good and the different tasks are worked out very well. The secrets and puzzles nicely fit in. You encounter a lot of different characters in this D-mod and they all have their own tale to tell. The several area’s all have their own style. There is more humour in this D-mod than in the first Dorinthia. The best part of this game is the beginning. The enemies are a lot tougher than in the first one, but the author left you the choice to either fight or run, which I think is a good option and a nice change to screenlocks. Also, because there are so many enemies, you can easily level up: once you’ve terminated everything on one screen, you can go to another and then back again without having to wait before the enemies appear again.

Not so good: Towards the end the game sort of lost its glamour: you had to do a lot of walking to complete some tasks. It took quite some time before I finally had gold enough to buy the throwing axe.

Overall: The beginning is the best part of the game. This one is, as unfortunately a lot of sequels are, not as good as the first one.

Fit for: If you enjoyed playing Dorinthia I, you will enjoy this one too.
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