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Peasant He/Him United States
Making Topics off-track faster then you can say it 
2015-09-09 19:28:13
Peasant He/Him United States
Making Topics off-track faster then you can say it 
Why not get one of us to voice the intro, some of us would want to have our voices immortalised. Skurn would make a perfect Death, anything he says would make you so insane you'd want to be dead.

DackFIght has written 19 reviews

A New Version of Dinking Cast Awakening Part 5: RevolutionNormalGood 8.6August 9th, 2015
This review was powered by blood, & tears Power Of BloodNormalGood 7.4August 8th, 2015
DinkaMon Pokemon: Bible VersionNormalHorrible 0.5August 7th, 2015
Epochs & ALIENS Epochs & Aeons: Part OneNormalGood 7.2August 6th, 2015
Definitely Sour Sour Gummy WormsNormalHorrible 0.9August 6th, 2015
Lyna's awesome story Lyna's StoryNormalExceptional 9.6August 21st, 2013
The Enemy Health Bar Enemy HealthbarNormalExceptional 9.9August 21st, 2013
EvilDeveloper. EvilDinkNormalHorrible 1.0August 21st, 2013
Why wasen't I on the will. Agatha Smallwood's WillNormalGood 7.1August 14th, 2013
Short Dmod Land Happy Sunshine LandNormalHorrible 1.1March 7th, 2013
GoldSucker GoldSeekerNormalFair 6.0January 17th, 2013
The Unfortunate Sea Agathain Sea TradersNormalHorrible 2.5September 2nd, 2012
Dink Smallwood The Hero of Stonebrook Dink SmallwoodNormalExceptional 9.9August 30th, 2012
The Truth of Mayham MayhemNormalFair 6.9August 29th, 2012
To the North NorthNormalTolerable 4.6August 29th, 2012
A Knight's Tale of his Tail Knight's Tale 2 (A)NormalGood 7.5August 27th, 2012
Tears of the Ancients Tears of the DevilNormalFair 5.9August 27th, 2012
The Title of Misleading Sayings Bonca Hunt (The)NormalTolerable 3.2August 27th, 2012

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