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Agatha Smallwood's Will

The Shovel in action :] A murderer in a peaceful town, and who can be next! Smile Dink, you're in the presence of gods!
This is my entry for the non-combat dmod contest of 2010.

Dink's aunt Agatha Smallwood dies and Dink who is short on cash is happy to be mentioned in her will.


Agatha Smallwood's Will have many new things including cool sound effects when you for example walk on a stone floor or in water, so always keep the sound up for best playing experience.

Also, this game requires "true colour" mode to run.

Note: I'm sorry guys: This dmod is not based on an Agatha Christie novel. That would be to dishonour her work. It's just just dedicated to her; one of the best crime writers ever.

*Winner of the Non-combat Contest*
Released:May 30th, 2010
File Size:3.45 MB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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September 12th, 2010
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant He/Him United States
Theres a party in my tummy! 
This game was brilliant. A very fun game to play. I don't like games that are centered all around fighting. A true game, is one that is more revolved around the story line. This game is fit for everyone, and I think everyone will enjoy this game.

Storyline: I like how it is based on Agatha Christie, however, I would like a little more creativity then just 'Dink is a drunk, whose whole life revolves around food and alcohol'. There is a LOT of d-mods with this type of story, and I was a bit disappointed with this.


Graphics: There is a few new graphics in this game, like the shovel and the chickens, and while I thought the chickens were a nice touch, the shovel got annoying at times.


Sound and Music: I really liked the new sounds. I thought this added made it a bit more realistic, and every bit helps. I, however, didn't hear any new music. But I kept my speakers off most of the time.


Gameplay: I really enjoyed the gameplay, like I said above, I don't like games that are centered around fighting. I really don't think fighting is that important in games. I liked how you could do favors for the gods, and the last part. (where you have to steal the map back)


Overall Score: 9.0
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