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Non-combat D-Mod contest: Results!

Three staff members have played through the Non-combat Contest D-Mods, and the results have been tallied. Look!

1st place
Agatha Smallwood's Will, by iplaydink.

2nd place
The River, by Synbi.

3rd place
Furball, by MsDink.

Congratulations, chaps and chapette!

For the rest of the results and staff comments, check out the comments.

1st. Agatha Smallwood's Will (17)

"An original and varied DMOD."

"Great fun. A really nice romp that's fun to play and always keeps you involved, never left wondering what to do next. It is a treasure hunt after all!"

"I would have wished for better motivation than Dink being a drunken wastrel looking for booze money, but the dmod is thoroughly entertaining, with great puzzles and no boring moments."

2nd. The River (14)

"The River is certainly the best DMOD, just not the best non-combat DMOD."

"Impressive. Almost combat, avoiding monsters and making them kill each other. There is a way to skip it though..."

"A bit too much running around, but overall very good, and much larger than I expected any contest entry to be."

3rd. Furball (13)

"Well written conversations and good mapping, but gameplay could be improved."

"Great mapping! Really beautiful. Love the use of blood, splashes and things to make flowers, it works really well. Lots of well-made new graphics and some new tiles too. It's a pleasure to walk around in this D-Mod."

"Enjoyable if you can get off on just wandering around and looking for secrets. The mapping is great (although the grass could have used some variety)."

4th. The Day After the Middle Night (7)

"This game works really well as a non-combat DMOD and it has a unique atmosphere."

"Got the atmosphere right! Good and creepy. I sense a strong influence from the Trilby series. [A] bit confusing."

"Much better than the first part, this one actually has a good atmosphere, and playing through the game was fun. It is, however, the shortest entry to the contest and the story and plot twists make about as much sense as apple-flavoured pear cider."

5th. Where's Likko? (6)

"Swearing at one point seemed very out of place in this cute D-Mod. Maybe it was meant to shock and be funny but that didn't work IMO and ruined it more than anything. A great little romp."

"It was very promising, then it ended. Not sure whether the author ran out of time or just wasn't ambitious enough, but this really should have been longer."

"[I placed this] Last, not because it's bad but because others are better."

b]5th. Corporate Managerialism (6)[/b]

"Corporate Managerialism has a lot of merits and a lot of faults, it is arguably the most original entry."

"The premise was pretty neat, and with the long intro, I expected more of the story. Still, it was an interesting dmod to play, and funny enough to keep uncle ??? entertained"

"Map was pretty bad. No edges to inside rooms, bad joining of the town tiles, hardness errors, etc. And why is it not possible to walk behind the skyscraper? At least that looked good."

Voting Methodology

Eligible staff members were given a choice to vote for the D-Mods, ranking them from 1-6. Values were assigned for their choices from 1 to 6 (6 being for the favourite, 1 being for the least favourite), the results tallied, with the highest overall score winning fame and fortune and 100 girlfriends or boyfriends. In the case of the tie for 2nd place, my vote would have 'counted' more (as mentioned in the original rules), but I did not finish all the d-mods and therefore have not voted. Natch.

Good job everyone. It was great to see so many entries and huge thanks to all the participants and judging staff members.