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Basilisk Smile (The)

During a voyage across the ocean, the Dink's ship is raided by Goblin Corsairs. Fleeing in a lifeboat, he finds himself on a small, strangely quiet island...

*Winner of Failure D-Mod Contest*
Released:May 3rd, 2007
File Size:1.21 MB
Release Notes:A load of bug fixes (including the tree glitch) as well as a few aesthetic 'tweaks' to the game.
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April 27th, 2011
Score : 8.9 good
Peasant Male Cuba xbox
I'm simply a distraction. 
This d-mod is a very good one but I'm not saying I liked it.

Story: dinks ship gets jumped by some goblin pirates and he has to flee. He ends up on an island with a bunch of people turned to stone exept for a little girl. There is a lot of endings which I like not sure on the exact amount because people like me ar not sure what counts as an ending. Overall this was a good part exept for the depression it caused so I give it a sparkling 8.7

Scripting and sounds: the scripts I saw were good. Looking at the still alive people but not talking to them it's like you really shouldn't try anyway but you do several times to live longer. The sounds/midis/music and many more titles were good especially the choose your own thing the music fit in with the overall mood DEEPINING DEPRESION . So I give this a part a nice 7,9

Replayabilitie and who should play it: for those who should play it are people who army afraid to cry in front of there friends and then explain how a funny sounding video game made you. Just kidding it is fun but the thing that made me mad was I killed every single goblin pirate lol so play this if you are bored and need something to do. As for replayebilitie this feature is good because there are so many endings. I played the game a bunch and found a lot of endings. This is a great d-mod but I didn't like it good job Sabertrout I give you a.......

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