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Dink cutting down trees after killing 2 ducks and two trees
In this D-Mod Dink can get hungry and starve.

To prevent that from happening you can kill ducks, pigs, fish, and some monsters. After that take their meat, cut trees and burn the logs to cook the meat on or you could use a fireplace.

You can also gather berry's from bushes and nuts from alktrees. The better Dink is fed the stronger he'll be.

NOTE: This is a Development D-Mod, and it may not have a quest to complete or a story to experience.
Released:May 13th, 2007
File Size:659.27 KB
Release Notes:*Fixed burning logs so fire won't appear on top of Dink
*Set hunger to normal when starting the game so it isn't decreased already when you've been on the title screen for a while
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April 9th, 2008
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant He/Him Australia
The guy with the cute D-Mod. 
We'll some pretty clever scripting went into this file. I really enjoyed playing this.

Main Idea 9/10:
The main idea in this development D-Mod is to implement a real-life kinda thing with Dink's hunger and all. In this D-Mod, Dink can get hungry and starve. To prevent this happening, Dink can eat food which decreases his hunger. To get food, you kill animals, and get their meat, which you cook either with logs collected from trees which you set fire to, or at a fireplace. More food can be collected from berries and nuts, which you can eat fresh from the bush! The better Dink is fed, the stronger he'll be!

Graphics 7/10:
The new graphics in this D-Mod were very nice. There are new images for items, and stuff, such as the meat collected from ducks and the like. They were very plain, however, and they didn't contribute much to the game, but they were decent, I liked them.

Sounds: 10/10:
Wow. The sounds were great. The title screen MIDI was lovely, I quite liked it. It was calm, and soft, very peaceful. 349.mid was great, as well. But it wasn't calm and peaceful, it was hard and rocky! 15.mid was nice as well, I quite liked it. All the MIDIs really suited the game. The three new sounds were nice as well. The chopping sound, and the sizzle sound really suited the game.

How Can I Use This In My Own D-Mod?
It's simple. All you do is copy over the dink.ini, graphics folder, all the sounds, and the story folder. Then you make your map, and your own scripts and stuff, and release your D-Mod here, to the DN. Currently, no D-Mods using this system have been released, but I'm sure some will come one day, and I can't wait!

Overall, this is a great Development D-Mod. I quite enjoyed playing it, even though there was no story. The concept is fun in itself. I would really recommend trying it out if you haven't already done so.
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