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Ultimate Challenge (The)

She now knows the secret of Dink
An old beggar has lost his daughter and he doesn't know where she is. So Dink will offering to find her. He starts to look for her. But he has to fight a lot to find her. But on his way he finds a lot of goodies that help him on his way. He has to free the daughter of a monster named Oki. So enjoy the dmod and find the goodies we put into this DMOD.
Released:January 17th, 2005
File Size:284.70 KB
Release Notes:v2
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March 20th, 2005
Score : 7.5 good
Good: There are no new graphics but I didn't expected that for a first dmod
there are enough secrets too find and you don't need a walkthrough too finish this game. The enemy's appear to be very strong but I didn't have much trouble beating them.
I also did like the different landscapes (mountains and flower land).A dmod can get so boring if u are walking the whole time through the same grassy area.

Bad: There are still some bugs in it where you can get stuck in objects but they are on locations where many pple won't notice them.
The only thing I didn't like was the fact that you need to lvl up thil lvl 65 att or something too visit the boss while he was so easy too beat. He walks way too slow.

Conclusion: This is really a good first dmod (except some small things)!
I can't wait till the next dmod from this author(s)!
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