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I found the main game by accident. I've downloaded it. And I never stopped playing ever since. Every spare time I play dmdod. I finished a couple of dmod now.
And I still like all of them.

I'm also in the Dinkworld forum under the name Dink holland smallwood. And also at forum of rtsoft under the name Dink holland smallwood.

My finished dmod:
* stone of balance
* the main game of dink smallwood
* mystery island
* the pilgrims quest
* 9 gems of life
* quest for food
* quest for dorinthia
* as good as eternity
* bane of the magi
* Cloud Castle
* Cast Awakening
* and a few small dmod's
I delete the files immediatly so my HD has enough space for the dmods.

Now I'm playing cloud castle and cast awakening but I just started so it will take a lot of time to finish the dmod.

Sorry for my mistakes in typing in English because it is not my native tongue. So I do my best to explain myself in English.

I released also a dmod The Ultimate Challenge.
Now I am working on a really big dmod. About the size of the main game.

My partner is Missdink, we released our dmod the Ultimate Challenge together.

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2005-03-25 15:19:13
THe new dmod will be a little bit later released. It has more to do then I expected in advance. I also made some really annoying bugs in scripts so I have to fix that.
And about landscaping that is already been made. Except for the details just the kind of tiles and hardnesses of the screens.

Also our inspiration of how the story continues is a little bit zero. So we have to think about a good continue and also I am busy to put some new music in the dmod.

I am intending to make some screenshots but first I have to get some more spare time. I have not many of it now. So that's why we will release our dmod later.

Happy Easter

Dinkholland and Missdink

Dinkholland has released 1 file

Ultimate Challenge (The)D-Mod, RompGood 7.0January 17th, 2005

Dinkholland has written 8 reviews

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