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Sadly, the wheel's desire to conquer man kind was crushed that day, when it unwittingly ran into a pile of Debris.  And so ended the threat of The Wheel, and the world slept forever more.
They are static graphics of broken wheels from carts, tables, sacks with spilled contents, etc.
Released:February 13th, 2005
File Size:57.42 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
August 29th, 2015
Score : 9.0 exceptional
This is cool and versatile. Basically, this graphics pack is like a trading wagon that was ambushed by a fat stone giant jumping from a cliff, crushing the wagon to smithereens and spilling its cargo all over the road. Pots, barrels, pans, and apparently weird sacks with dried balls of bonca manure inside them. Frankly, the smellwagon had it coming. The only survivor was the pack bonca pulling the wagon, Bill the Trailblazer. Alas, Bill was unaccustomed to existence in the wild following a lifetime of servitude under its human slave drivers, and most likely got promptly slapped to death and eaten by its meaner, ruthless, rural brethren.

All this debris looks good, with correct shadows, and is easily usable in dmods. There are 22 different bmps, but no dink.ini lines for any of them. The only graphics I didn't really like were the weird sacks, possibly rocks, that I described above. Dammit, things, look like something! Other than that, this file is quite excellent. You can't go wrong with clutter, it's always useful for the purpose of decorating screens.