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Evil Houses

The giant green houses are a unique specimen.  They evolved from frog fungas to large, house-like creatures in an attempt to lure unsuspecting individuals within.  Sadly, this did not work very well, as their teeth structures were very obvious.
They are static graphics Mutant Green evil houses with nasty doors.
Released:February 13th, 2005
File Size:310.26 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
August 29th, 2015
Score : 8.0 good
They've risen from their graves, and they want your SOULS!

The goblin huts, that is. This is an interesting graphic pack of one and two-storied, evil-looking dome huts. Warped bone windows, spiked doors and nasty, almost organic skin, some of them even seem to have fused into one another. Have goblin dwellings been tainted by the yeast infection in Ethel's loins? Did they just sprout from the ground one clouded night like mushrooms, not so subtly beckoning to passing travellers with writhing tentacles, mad in their yearning for the scrumptious flesh of aspiring herolings foolish enough to poke foot inside their gaping maws? Or is it all a metaphor for carolina dentata?

I dunno, but they're pretty cool. There are 11 separate bmps here, and a file named ehouse.ini, containing no .ini lines, oddly enough. Depth dots and hardboxes would be nice, but they're not entirely necessary when it comes to house sprites: the depth dots tend to be in roughly the right place by default, and a big block of hardness doesn't fit well; you'll want to use hard tiles so that the corners of the houses align with the hardness, in any case.