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Zach the Marine

zach vs the knight
Zach gets mad that the king stole his new bomb, the expotion. Enjoy the madness.

*Best download of march 2005*
Released:May 28th, 2005
File Size:1.52 MB
Release Notes:v1.1
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March 31st, 2005
Score : 7.5 good
Overall it was a good dmod. But there are a few things I found annoying;

- the screenlock didn't work properly.
- And people say the same things even if you already talked to them.
- The enemies were way to easy to beat.
- There were no add-item scripts attached to the hammer, diamond and other two things you had to find to get you're vehicle started. You could not see it when you get it.

And now the good things:

A new dink figure is born named Zach. I liked already from the start of the dmod a little guy who fights with a gun.
(Maybe it was nicer to let zach find the gun and first had to fight with his fist).

The music:
MUsic was good. It changes sometimes so that is always ok.

The storyline was not difficult and you could find you're way through the dmod very easy. I liked the way of the story it was simple and easy to complete the dmod.

For a first dmod it is a really good one. You could finish the dmod and you can have fun with it. That's why I give it a good score.
I can't wait for part two.
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