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steal stuff before time runs out!
Released:August 14th, 2009
File Size:589.30 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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August 22nd, 2009
Score : 7.9 good
Peasant He/Him Norway
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This is the very first D-Mod created by our very own Zeddexx, and it was most anticipated as well.

Dink, being a very known hero in these lands are tired of doing good deeds for the kingdom and has suddenly decided to take up a few lessons on crime when he sees an advertisement for a guy who needs a thief to steal stuff from him.

This D-Mod's game-play was based on GOKUSSJ6's D-Mod, Trapped. The concept is the same in both games, you have a certain amount of time to be in the house and to steal the stuff in the house. The life-bar is used as a countdown timer where you can determine how much time you've got left before the owners of the household comes home from their trip outside. This type of game-player mode actually has a lot of potential, but it wasn't used to the fullest in this D-Mod, but I wouldn't blame Zeddexx for that because it's probably hard to come up with ideas to expand such a D-Mod. The same goes for the D-mod Trapped. What could have been done better in the game-player mode would be to add a timer instead of using the life-bar, because the life-bar is sort of hard to follow with if you haven't got any numbers. I believe most people would prefer this because we're all depending on the time.

There we're a few music files that came with this D-Mod. To be honest, I actually got the urge to play more D-Mod's when I heard the theme-song from Cheers and I felt like that particular file fitted with the situation at the start of the game considering the fact that you start in a bar, which is probably meant to visualize the tavern in the popular American sitcom Cheers. The other music wasn't anything in particular, it wasn't bad, but not too good either. I didn't really pay any attention to that, so I guess it was okay.

Everything good about the D-Mod has been said above. When it came to the mapping of the D-Mod, it was pretty good I think. It was interesting with the floor pattern that was created in the top floor of the house you we're robbing, it was original. The mapping of the house was meant to be spread with tools and objects which you can steal and they are supposed to be hidden so it will be hard for you to find them, but they weren't really hidden and the game was easily beaten. The humor was pretty good in this D-Mod and it sort of compensated for the lack of storyline and time used to play the game.

[b]Last note to Zeddexx[b]
I think it was good that you created a D-Mod that was based from another one. It shows that you can create a brand new game using the same concept of another D-Mod. I would totally like to see a more advanced version of this game.