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Old Hero New Thief

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steal stuff before time runs out!
Released:August 14th, 2009
File Size:589.30 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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August 20th, 2009
Score : 4.0 tolerable
Peasant He/Him Finland bloop
A Disembodied Sod 
Just got the change to play it through and decided to write a review. This time it's for a newcomer Zeddexx's D-Mod Old Hero New Thief.

While this is a good attempt for Zeddexx's first D-Mod, there were still a bunch of stuff that kept bothering me. One of those is, that it's been build on Gokussj6's Trapped. The only thing changed in the scripts were NPCs' text and the map only had minor changes.

The story is about Dink getting tired of being a hero. He finds a paper, that he gets a reward if he goes adn steals some stuff. So, he meets a guy who gives him some advises. When Dink has stolen all the stuff, the guy gets killed and Dink goes back to hero stuff.

This was a nice and original story. It's fun to have something different once in a while, than just Kind Dan or Martridge telling Dink to go on another quest.

Well, as I said, the map is build on the D-Mod Trapped's map. There are only a very few changes. Mostly stuff has been moved from place to another or some other sprites added on the screen.

Gameplay works the same way as in Trapped. As in Trapped you would starve and your health lower every once in a while, it makes sense. This Mod works the same way aswell, but the starving thing has been turned into a simple timer. So that really doesn't make sense. It would have been much more sensible to use Sparrowhaw's count down timer.
So, you need to steal stuff in a small amount of time. it works the same way as Trapped: Pick up everything that's scripted, and make it to the door before the time is out. Only some stuff's scripts were changed, but they were mostly the same. It would also have been much better, if every object gave you only a small amount of gold so it would be harder to get the game through as now you can get it through in 5 minutes.
The scripting was also made on top of Trapped's scripts. Most stuff was awfully same, but there were some nice little changes.

I didn't find any new ones.

There were nice little tracks.

The story is quite original and the music is nice.

The whole game has basically been build on Trapped[/b]. Map and scripts were almost same. The idea/gameplay was about 98% same. The game also didn't have a proper timer, which would be very easy to put in your D-Mod.

It is worth a look, but it seems like Zeddexx really didn't put much time nor effort to it. I also don't like how it's build on [i]Trapped
, I hope you asked Gokuss about this.

Fit for:
Anyone who looks for a small 5 minute adventure with a cool storyline in it.

Final words:
A hint to Zeddexx: Next time don't build your Mod on top of another.