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My name is Neil Troughton and I can't believe I keep doing this.

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2015-06-21 16:18:07
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I'm not sure how serious you are being Skurn, but any and all bug reports are gratefully received - if you get in touch with me at the email address provided in the readme file then I will act upon anything I'm able to find eventually. I did go through all the DN threads I found on CC2 in the last patch, and while I wasn't able to reproduce everything I did fix various issues, and made some changes even where I couldn't reproduce a problem where I thought it possible that some game conditions could cause the stated problems to occur. The threads you linked are ones I went through specifically, and while some of the issues look like either a broken installation or a symptom of a more serious problem (the issue in the well, most notably) I did go through and clean some relevant game scripts up to help prevent any inconsistent behaviour that might have been occurring.

The fountain riddle appears to be working as intended, which confuses me a little as I watched a stream of someone playing the game where I could have sworn the letters on the statues were the wrong way round, but I looked into it fairly comprehensively when putting together the last update (and again just now) and it appears to be working correctly. There are things about the puzzle that could trip people up - hitting a statue twice will reset the sequence, hitting the last statue twice will unsolve the puzzle - but there's nothing to suggest an issue, and it should just be a case of returning to the first statue to start over rather than reloading th module. Nothing in the dungeon should be interfering with the puzzle, and the relevant variable gets reset upon entry. If you do have a save game where you're experiencing an issue I would love to receive it.

The issues you are raising in this thread - with regard to the wall of Pencilhead's lair and the issue with beating boss mode YD in a specific number of seconds - are ones that I specifically addressed in the last update though, so as long as people are playing the most recent version of the module they should be fine. I'm not ruling out the possibility that I introduced new problems, but I'm not sure what you're basing the idea that the previous ones could still be there on. If you're just making fun of Sabre then fine, but if you're actually having issues then I'd like to fix them if possible - I just can't take "this problem might still be there, I haven't checked" as a bug report, especially when you're bringing up problems that I specifically said that I fixed.

Which is kind of a derail. I hope you're enjoying the module barbrose!

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