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A profile... why not.

Some things I enjoy doing: reading, mountain biking, hiking in the mountains, anything with computers, er, most things really. I love to ski, and just wish I could go on a slope longer than 180 metres.
Partly inspired by enjoying DinkC coding, I went to college to learn a bit of Software Development and am now working with a local developer, using VB.NET.

I have many things I should be doing so writing a profile seemed a good way of putting them off.

I live in northwest England (south originally), I have 3 cats, 1 rabbit and that's about it.

I'm making a D-Mod and have some ambitious ideas for future ones but don't expect anything soon!

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2011-11-09 09:27:10
"I'm not saying God didn't exist, but his first appearance in our history came much after various other religious beliefs, which doesn't make any sense according to the Bible, because there would have been existence before his appearance."

Who said He didn't exist before being documented?
The first appearance in our history being the Bible? That would make the first appearance either before Creation, or failing that, probably Abraham, who was the first to recognise God properly I suppose (after Adam, Noah etc). Or maybe you mean Moses, who wrote it down. None of which mean God didn't exist beforehand.

"He is also said to create existence in six days, even though days were made up by humans themselves and is based on astronomy, so there couldn't possibly be days before there was existence, because before existence there couldn't have been space nor humans"

Well if He created existence, He created time at the same moment, no? Time doesn't need humans to exist.

"... because after Earth was created, there weren't lions and tigers and elephants, for example."

What? Of course there were, if you believe in Creation. You can't bring a proof against one belief from another belief. It's like saying "Creation is wrong, because Evolution is right". Whatever the facts are, the argument is completely flawed

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DinkC Syntax Highlighting for Notepad++Development, MiscellaneousExceptional 9.5March 30th, 2012
Developer KeysDevelopmentGood 8.9January 30th, 2011
Broken WindowsD-Mod, RompExceptional 9.0January 12th, 2011
Savebot Massacre (The)D-Mod, MiscellaneousGood 7.7September 6th, 2009
Chickens!Development, GraphicsExceptional 9.4July 16th, 2009
Countdown TimerDevelopment, SourceGood 8.3May 8th, 2009
Bug ManiaD-Mod, Miscellaneous, RompGood 7.5May 2nd, 2009
Dink Sound ReferenceDevelopmentGood 8.4September 11th, 2008
One Screen D-Mod CompilationD-Mod, MiscellaneousExceptional 9.5October 18th, 2007

Sparrowhawk has written 5 reviews

Amusing Happy Sunshine LandNormalTolerable 4.5October 22nd, 2009
Short and (almost) sweet. TrappedFeaturedFair 5.9November 23rd, 2008
Buggy but worth it Rise of the Goblins (The)FeaturedGood 7.5November 23rd, 2008
Maybe I just have a strange sense of humour... DryNormalExceptional 9.0June 3rd, 2007
The Legend of Smallwood… Friends Beyond 3: Legend of TenjinFeaturedExceptional 9.6June 3rd, 2007

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Preview Chickens!January 16th, 2011
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