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Download Of The Year 2012

Here it is at last - Download Of The Year 2012!

It's your chance to vote for what you think is the best file of last year.

Over to Skull:


Well, it's definitely late. But better late than never! We're finally launching DOTY of 2012!! It has been quite a year for The Dink Network. While the amount of files was low (expectedly low, I'd say), especially towards the end of the year (maybe people gave up on D-Modding cause they were waiting for the end of the world), it was still by no means a bad year for file releases. We had some wonderful, good quality D-Mods released and the non D-Mod files were very interesting as usual. However, it does affect the DOTY a little bit, because this year we only have 5 D-Mods to vote for, and 7 non D-Mod files. But that's not a biggie. Remember, last year we had MORE non D-Mod files in the DOTY, than we should have. You can't always win like that.

Of course, no prizes will be given to winners, cause we're poor bums (I think we've ran out of those DDC wallclocks, too). But the winners will get a mention in their files' description and their name will go down in Dink History!!

NOTE - NEW RULE: I think it's about time we make a new rule here. I hereby forbid voting for your own files. I know this has been allowed in the past, but seeing how things have developed in the past RRR's and DOTY's, soon we'll have everybody voting for their own files, and that's something we don't want to happen.

Anyway, make sure you check out all these wonderful files and cast your vote for both the D-Mod and non D-Mod file of 2012! YOU HAVE TWO WEEKS TO VOTE!!

Here are the files you can vote for:

Non D-Mod files:

Persistent Loot by Magicman

Town Portal by Pillbug

Key Codes for Dink Excel spreadsheet by Talon65442

Prelude MP3 by joshriot and scratcher

Let's Go Back... by Robj

Teleporting Monsters! - Modular Mob Modification Systems by geraldsummer

I'll Keep Playin' Dink by Robj


Trials of a Boy - Enter The Iceland by DinkDude95

Karel ende Elegast by Shevek

Quest for Dorinthia: Special Edition by Bill Szczytko

Historical Hero II: Armageddon by Skull

Dink Gets Bored by Paul Pliska